Board of Directors 2018-2019

Service on the ASVA Board is open to any Virginia licensed acupuncturist who is a current member of ASVA. Board members serve for a term of two years, and can serve for no more than 3 consecutive terms. Members are elected yearly at the annual meeting.  If there is a vacant spot or an officer has resigned mid-term, a member may be appointed by the Board and ratified by the membership at the subsequent annual meeting.  Board members attend the spring ASVA seminar for free!

Working with the ASVA board is an excellent way to be of service to the acupuncture community, build professional contacts, and make a difference!  If you are interested in board service, contact the current ASVA board by e-mail at If you are unable to serve on the board, but would like to serve on a committee or be a regional representative for ASVA, please contact the ASVA board at

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Aubry Fisher, L.Ac.

571-926-8918 |

Aubry is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist. She earned her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Currently, she practices at Virginia Pain & Wellness Center in Reston, VA where her focus is on treating acute and chronic pain disorders. She is a former adjunct professor and clinical supervisor for the Virginia University of Oriental Medicine. 

Aubry first become interested in acupuncture and Chinese medicine while working in the legal field as a personal injury paralegal. During this time, she worked with numerous individuals suffering from debilitating physical trauma and chronic pain. Aubry began researching alternative health care modalities as a mean to address the unique needs of her clients. Through her research, she discovered a passion for the healing arts and ultimately decided to pursue her desire to help others through holistic medicine. 

Membership Liaison 
Sarah Faggert Alemi, D.Ac., L.Ac. 

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Sarah graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2008 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. In 2009, she moved to Northern Virginia and graduated from the George Mason School of Public Policy in 2010 with a Masters in Public Policy. After interning with local representative and working in a local constituent office, Sarah decided to leave the political field and enrolled in TAI Sophia in September 2012 having received her first acupuncture treatment that same summer. She graduated from what is now Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) in 2016 with a Masters of Acupuncture and in June of 2017 with a Doctorate of Acupuncture. 

In 2014 while studying acupuncture, she began assisting Arthur Fan, L.Ac. at the McLean Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine and continues to work there. She plans to integrate into the space next door to Dr. Fan to serve her own patients while specializing in women's health, dermatology, and facial and body rejuvenation. In 2016, Sarah also began assisting Jennifer Yeh, L.Ac. at Sacred Lotus Acupuncture. It is her hope that she will also be able to continuing working there as a secondary practitioner. As an ASVA Board member, she intends to help educate the general public and elected political officials about the benefits of acupuncture. 

Sarah Steed, L.Ac.

540-347-3667 | |

Sarah graduated from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2001 with a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been in private practice for over 15 years. She currently practices in Warrenton, Virginia. 

P.O. BOX 1125
WARRENTON, VA 20188  | 

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