ASVA Event Posting Policy: We will post any events put on by partner organizations and active ASVA members. We will also post any free local events that would benefit our membership.  Non-partnering organizations offering a NCCAOM approved PDA event will need to offer ASVA members at least a 10% discount on the course if they would like us to list it on our webpage.  To post an event contact Sarah.  

Upcoming events

    • 17 Oct 2014
    • 19 Oct 2014
    • Garrison Institute, NY

    Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation presents "Healing is in Your Hands,"

    a transformative holistic women's health weekend retreat

    with Christine Page, MD and Nan Lu, OMD.

    October 17-19, 2014 at Garrison Institute, NY.

    Discover profound and practical ways to access the unique gifts of feminine energy for true mind-body-spirit healing! Visit for more info and to register, or call 212-274-1079.

    • 17 Oct 2014
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Alexandria, VA


    The Way of Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng Tao)
    Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Wu Ji Kung & Nei Jia (Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing I)

    Stand still as a mountain, flow like crystal clear water

    with Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc

    Date: October 17   

    Location: Alexandria, VA   
    Chinese Health Exercises for Balance, Inner Peace & Harmony
    Taoist Style Internal Energy Self-Cultivation Practices
    Special emphasis on Chi Kung essentials for healing arts practitioners
    *New forms are taught in each class along with review of previous classes
    *All levels are welcome
    *Bring your family, friends and patients!

    Date: Friday night  October 17, 2014

    Time: 7-9:30pm  (2.5 hours eligible NCCAOM PDAs)

    Location: 6350 Hillcrest Place, Alexandria, VA  22312 
    (Near Arlington, VA  15 mins from National Airport)

    Cost: Early registration & payment due dates:
    3 weeks in advance/received Sept 25: $60, thereafter: $70

    *To register please call or email along with mailing in your check. No credit cards please.*

    Payment: please send check payable to Jeff Nagel, LAc   3838 First Ave # 5, San Diego, CA 92103
    Info & Registration: please contact the Golden Dragon Health Assoc
    telefax: (619) 542-1903       email:

    • 18 Oct 2014
    • Fairview Park Marriott, Falls Church, VA
    Are you ready to take control of your own health? Are you ready to create a greater wellness for you and the ones you love? Are you ready to take the first step that will help get you there? Then, TAKE ACTION NOW!

    One day. Will you take that first step?
    Will you take action for YOU?

    “Ageless Health” is the most effective way of learning how to create a health care plan that will change your life.

    Seminar Material & Topics:
      +   "I Forgot Why I Came In Here!" -- 10 Steps to Improve Cognitive Decline
      +   Belly Fat - The Causes & Reduction of that "Ol' Tire"
      +   DIY Tools to Cope with Allergies
      +  "Must Have" -- Lab Tests to Ask Your Doctor to Run Understanding Body Signs to Assess Health and Healing
      +   "I Can Live With It" -- How Small Injuries Become Big Problems

    $79 Early Bird Rate

    Not eligible for PDAs

    For more information on price, program schedule, and event details go to

    • 18 Oct 2014
    • 9:00 AM
    • 19 Oct 2014
    • 6:00 PM
    • Alexandria, VA


    With Classical Chinese Medicine Taoist Style Life Sciences & Healing Arts Traditions

    Master Tung’s Bio-Holographic Methods & 12 Channel Extraordinary Points

    Acupuncture-Herbal Polarity-Nutrition-Chi Kung

    with Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc

    Eligible for 15 NCCAOM PDAs

    Date: October 18-19        

    Location: Alexandria, VA

    Learn simple, highly effective, time tested methods of Eastern Medicine with emphasis on techniques to heal and/or minimize common conditions of the middle jiao. Training includes special easy to learn methods of internal medicine skills. This knowledge is based on the wisdom traditions of Classical Chinese Medicine Taoist Style and the inner cultivation arts -“nei jia” (taught in 3 separate workshops, upper-middle-lower jiao). The teachings include an integrated combination of hands on practical applications, principles, theory, treatment strategies, your case studies, question-answer opportunities and practical, highly effective methods you can begin to use right away. The class includes insights from Taoist Medicine, Inner Cultivation and Life Sciences as they continue to unify the principles and treatment methods combining the Tai Chi Chuan-Chi Kung healing connections to the Tai Chi-Ba Gua-I Ching Body.
     Workshop includes:

    * Chi Kung-Chinese Medicine in Motion for patients and practitioners, Taoist Medicine Cosmology
    * Hands on practice with partners of “Chi Kung Acupuncture” Heaven-Human-Earth Methods
    * Master Tung’s 12 Channel Extraordinary Points & The 8 Taiji-Bagua Bio-Holographic Methods
    * 5 Phase pulse & abdominal diagnosis-treatment methods
    * Special herbal-nutrition polarity medicine, supplements, Chinese patent medicines, home remedies
    * Enhance your clinical skills for treating common middle jiao conditions including: digestive
      disorders, food allergies, chronic indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, weight loss/weight gain
      and special Taoist dietary programs for general health & immune system enhancement   
    Teacher: Jeff Nagel, MA, L.Ac, Dipl Ac, lives and practices in San Diego, CA and is trained in the
    8 Branches of Chinese Taoist Healing Arts-medicine-internal martial arts & life sciences...He is a long time advanced practitioner, well seasoned generous teacher-researcher of acupuncture-Oriental Medicine and a chi kung cultivator. Jeff has studied extensively with several well-known masters and doctors including Taoist Grand Master Share K. Lew, the 23rd generation of the Yellow Dragon Monastery, China.
    Dates: Sat & Sun  October 18-19, 2014      

    Workshop times: 9am-6pm (15 CEU hours) Please be on time

    Location: 6350 Hillcrest Place, Alexandria, VA , 22312
    (Near Arlington,VA -15 mins from National Airport Washington, DC)

    Cost: LAc, AP Early registration & payment due dates:
    3 weeks in advance/received by Sept 25: $300, 2 weeks in advance/by Oct 2: $325, thereafter: $350
    *If you have attended a previous workshop, bring a new student and receive a $50 discount
    *To register please call or email along with sending your check* No credit cards please
    (F-T Acupuncture students: $50 discount off the above rates)
    *$100 fee for cancellations made less than 15 days prior to workshop date

    Payment: please send check payable to Jeff Nagel, LAc.   3838 First Ave. # 5, San Diego, CA.  92103

    Info & registration: please contact the Golden Dragon Health Assoc
    Telefax: (619) 542-1903    Email:


    • 24 Oct 2014
    • Multiple around VA
    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day is observed annually on October 24. It is part of an effort designed to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.
    • 29 Oct 2014
    • 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    • New York, NY

    Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Cancer Prevention: One Day Training Workshop for Practitioners.

    Prevention is the true cure! Based on Traditional Chinese medicine, this unique program of 7 simple energy exercises and wellness techniques gives practitioners and their clients powerful healing tools necessary to support breast health. CEUs available. Held at TCM World Foundation, New York City.

    When: October 29th, 2014, 9:30-5:00pm.

    To register: or call us at 212-274-1079.

    For more info on our Breast Cancer Prevention Project:

    • 31 Oct 2014
    • 04 Nov 2014
    • Houston, TX

    World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies Conference

    Featuring over 170 different abstracts

    Date: Main Conference November 1 - November 2, 2014, with Pre and post conference optional activities.

    Special speakers: Boli Zhang, Baoyan Liu, Dr. Andrew Weil, Kiiko Matsumoto, Jake Fratkin, Marilyn Allen, Andy Ellis

    For more information, go to

    ASVA Discount: All ASVA members receive 15% discount from registration fee.  Please select "CAE / ACAOM alumni" registrant type, and enter code "ASVA" when prompted.

    • 01 Nov 2014
    • 02 Nov 2014
    • At the Sheraton in Columbia, MD
    Orthopedic Acupuncture: Treatment of Common Injuries and Pain
    Nov 1-2, 2014 
    Whitfield Reaves, OMD, L.Ac.

    This seminar features the use of advanced acupuncture techniques in the treatment of sports injuries, pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Techniques include the tendino-muscle meridians, distal point strategies, empirical points, and trigger point therapy. The diagnosis and assessment of many common sports-related injuries will be covered, including precise instruction on palpation and orthopedic testing. After diagnosis, a systematic four-step approach is used as the “template” for all acupuncture treatment protocols.

    The most common injuries seen in clinic will be covered. On Saturday, the shoulder, including rotator cuff injury, as well as several other upper extremity pain syndromes will be discussed. On Sunday, gluteal and hip pain as well as a sampling of other lower extremity injuries will be covered, including plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis..
    The weekend will emphasize instruction and demonstration. The material presented in this seminar is the integration of traditional Chinese acupuncture with western orthopedic and sports medicine.

    This seminar is intended to increase your knowledge and confidence in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of common injuries and pain syndromes seen in the clinic! Having spent 30 years specializing in sports acupuncture, Whitfield’s clinical experience is invaluable for practitioners working with pain.

    Whitfield Reaves, OMD, LAc,  having spent thirty years with Olympic and world-class athletes, has invaluable experience  working with pain and injury.

    Dr. Reaves has been working in the field of sports medicine since he first began practice in 1981. He earned a Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree in 1983 that included a thesis entitled "Acupuncture and the treatment of common running injuries".  Whitfield’s experience in sports medicine includes the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, as well as numerous track and field, ski racing, and cycling events nationally over the last 30 years. He has been in the forefront of the acupuncture sports medicine field, and is the author of The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain (Hidden Needle Press, 2009). He has been teaching acupuncture sports medicine since 1986. Whitfield can be reached at his website

    Approved for NCCAOM PDA.

    For more information and to register:

    • 18 Apr 2015
    • 19 Apr 2015
    • Fairview Park Marriott, Falls Church, VA

    Save the Date!

    Acupuncture Society of Virginia Presents

    2015 ASVA Annual Seminar and Meeting

    Featuring Lee Lee Hullender Rubin, DAOM, LAc, FABORM

    Dates: Saturday April 18, 2015 - Sunday April 19, 2015

    ASVA Annual Meeting: Lunch Sunday April 19

    Speaker Bio: Lee Hullender Rubin, DAOM, LAc, FABORM, is a clinician and researcher specializing in reproductive medicine. women's health, and pain. With more than 12 years experience, she spent more than five years managing an acupuncture program at a private fertility clinic. Her research investigated the effects of different standardized acupuncture protocols and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis-based treatment on in vitro fertilization birth outcomes. She was recently awarded a grant from the National Vulvodynia Association to investigate the feasibility of acupuncture treatment for Provoked Vestibulodynia. She teaches the doctoral infertility module and is Adjunct Research Faculty at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and she is Visiting Research Faculty at the Oregon Health and Science University. She currently practices at her clinic, the Portland Acupuncture Studio (

    More Information Coming Soon!

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