ASVA Event Posting Policy: We will post any events put on by partner organizations and active ASVA members. We will also post any free local events that would benefit our membership.  Non-partnering organizations offering a NCCAOM approved PDA event will need to offer ASVA members at least a 10% discount on the course if they would like us to list it on our webpage.  To post an event contact Sarah.  

Upcoming events

    • 24 Oct 2014
    • Multiple around VA
    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day is observed annually on October 24. It is part of an effort designed to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

    Here is a list of events happening around the Commonwealth of Virginia this year:

    Movie "9000 Needles" Screening

    Friday October 24 6:30pm

    Saturday October 26 2:00pm

    Fairfax, VA

    A Story of Hope, Courage, and One Family's Unconventional Journey Towards Stroke Recover"

    Join the Roselle Center for Healing in celebrating AOM Day by watching a FREE screening of the award winning documentary "9000 Needles".  Their licensed acupuncturists will be present to answer your questions about how acupuncture can help you along your healing journey!  Call 703-698-7117 to reserve your seat.

    If you are an ASVA member and would like us to post a special or event happening on AOM Day, please email us at  Include your contact info, a short description of what you're doing, and where you're located. 

    • 29 Oct 2014
    • 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    • New York, NY

    Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Cancer Prevention: One Day Training Workshop for Practitioners.

    Prevention is the true cure! Based on Traditional Chinese medicine, this unique program of 7 simple energy exercises and wellness techniques gives practitioners and their clients powerful healing tools necessary to support breast health. CEUs available. Held at TCM World Foundation, New York City.

    When: October 29th, 2014, 9:30-5:00pm.

    To register: or call us at 212-274-1079.

    For more info on our Breast Cancer Prevention Project:

    • 31 Oct 2014
    • 04 Nov 2014
    • Houston, TX

    World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies Conference

    Featuring over 170 different abstracts

    Date: Main Conference November 1 - November 2, 2014, with Pre and post conference optional activities.

    Special speakers: Boli Zhang, Baoyan Liu, Dr. Andrew Weil, Kiiko Matsumoto, Jake Fratkin, Marilyn Allen, Andy Ellis

    For more information, go to

    ASVA Discount: All ASVA members receive 15% discount from registration fee.  Please select "CAE / ACAOM alumni" registrant type, and enter code "ASVA" when prompted.

    • 01 Nov 2014
    • 02 Nov 2014
    • At the Sheraton in Columbia, MD
    Orthopedic Acupuncture: Treatment of Common Injuries and Pain
    Nov 1-2, 2014 
    Whitfield Reaves, OMD, L.Ac.

    This seminar features the use of advanced acupuncture techniques in the treatment of sports injuries, pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Techniques include the tendino-muscle meridians, distal point strategies, empirical points, and trigger point therapy. The diagnosis and assessment of many common sports-related injuries will be covered, including precise instruction on palpation and orthopedic testing. After diagnosis, a systematic four-step approach is used as the “template” for all acupuncture treatment protocols.

    The most common injuries seen in clinic will be covered. On Saturday, the shoulder, including rotator cuff injury, as well as several other upper extremity pain syndromes will be discussed. On Sunday, gluteal and hip pain as well as a sampling of other lower extremity injuries will be covered, including plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis..
    The weekend will emphasize instruction and demonstration. The material presented in this seminar is the integration of traditional Chinese acupuncture with western orthopedic and sports medicine.

    This seminar is intended to increase your knowledge and confidence in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of common injuries and pain syndromes seen in the clinic! Having spent 30 years specializing in sports acupuncture, Whitfield’s clinical experience is invaluable for practitioners working with pain.

    Whitfield Reaves, OMD, LAc,  having spent thirty years with Olympic and world-class athletes, has invaluable experience  working with pain and injury.

    Dr. Reaves has been working in the field of sports medicine since he first began practice in 1981. He earned a Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree in 1983 that included a thesis entitled "Acupuncture and the treatment of common running injuries".  Whitfield’s experience in sports medicine includes the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, as well as numerous track and field, ski racing, and cycling events nationally over the last 30 years. He has been in the forefront of the acupuncture sports medicine field, and is the author of The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain (Hidden Needle Press, 2009). He has been teaching acupuncture sports medicine since 1986. Whitfield can be reached at his website

    Approved for NCCAOM PDA.

    For more information and to register:

    • 09 Nov 2014
    • 10:00 AM
    • 5276 Lyngate Ct, Burke, VA 22015
    • 14

    The Acupuncture Society of Virginia presents

    ASVA Grand Rounds Case Studies and Theory Class

    NCCAOM 4 PDAs Pending

    Date: Sunday November 9th, 2014

    Location: The Wellness Center 5276 Lyngate Ct, Burke VA 22015


    10am Registration opens

    Please come early to network with fellow acupuncturists and enjoy coffee, tea, and light snacks

    10:30am - 2:45pm - Grand Rounds Course

    There will be a 15min break around noon where tea, coffee, and snacks will be available.  You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch if you would like.


    ASVA Members: $20

    Acupuncture Students $20 

    Non -ASVA Members: $30

    To pay by check, please complete the online registration form and mail your check payable to ASVA to: Acupuncture Society of Virginia, 2308 Mt Vernon Ave #218, Alexandria, VA 22301

    2308 Mt Vernon Ave #218
    Alexandria, VA 22301
    2308 Mt Vernon Ave #218
    Alexandria, VA 22301

    Description: The Grand Rounds class is an opportunity for practitioners to share patient cases and theories that examine the types of treatments and conditions attendees may see or use in their clinic.  Different than online training or reading cases, this live class is a chance to delve deeper into the real cases and ask questions directly to the treating practitioner about treatment style, patient follow-up, and the true incorporation of different styles of medicine.

    Presenters and Topics:  

    Kathe Ana DAS, L.Ac: A Case study of the use of Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT), acupuncture, and topical herbal formula for remission of severe rheumatoid arthritis

    Kathe Ana graduated from MITCM in 2001 and opened the family-run Heavenly Bodies Clinic. In 2006 a full-body detox program was implemented that is the only detox program tested through a western model and proven effective in eliminating heavy metals, environmental toxins and prescription medications from the body as well as the brain. In 2010 Dr. Ana developed and received NCCAOM approval for an apprentice program in acupuncture, preparing students to sit for the national exam. In 2012, Kathe Ana opened Northern Virginia College of Eastern Spirituality & Healing, certified under SHEV to award masters and doctoral degrees.  Heavenly Bodies Clinic is a private, for-profit clinic taking patients by referral.  She is a current member of the Acupuncture Society of Virginia.

    Kathe Ana will discuss the case of M.L., a 58 year old woman presenting with level 8 pain, swelling and bone deformity in both wrists from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The near-miraculous results in this patient from treatment with kinesiology specific to Jaffee Mellor Technique, acupuncture, herbs and diet therapy is a radical departure from the normal western medicine prognosis for RA.


    Cathleen Heideman MSN, ANP-BC, L.Ac: Chinese and Western Medicine approach to Treating Patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

    Cathy has been a nurse for 35 years, a nurse practitioner for 27 years, a college teacher for 10 years, and an acupuncturist for 3 years.  Cathy joined the ASVA board as secretary in 2013 and is happy to now work as your legislative liaison.  She graduated from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in 2011.  Already living in Virginia and working as a Nurse Practitioner in Integrative Medicine she then added acupuncture to the practice.  In 2013 she opened a private acupuncture practice in West Springfield.  She practices acupuncture along with integrative medicine. 

    Cathy chose to discuss patients with multiple chemical sensitivity as it is particularly challenging to treat in all paradigms.  It is also becoming much more common and not easily diagnosed.


    Stephanie Pina L.Ac, MSOM, ND, FABORM: A Case Study of Digestive Disorder of an Unknown Origin

    Stephanie Pina began working for the Roselle Center of Healing in Fairfax, Virginia in 2010.  In 2005 she completed her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine located in Tempe, AZ and opened a private practice.  While training at SCNM she was first introduced to Chinese medicine and returned back to school to complete a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture.  She is a NCCAOM Diplomat of Oriental Medicine since 2009. 

    Stephanie has been a Fellow and member of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) since 2012.   She has written for national health and educational magazines including The Townsend Letter and To Your Health magazine.  She can also be heard as a guest host on the radio show Dr. Tom Roselle Live.  Her goal is to educate people about the importance of being proactive in their health and combining the best of all types of medicine.  She is a current board member of the Acupuncture Society of Virginia.

    Digestive disorders are common in many patients and often it can be easily identified by the patient’s lifestyle and dietary habits.  However, when you get a patient that eats well, has limited health concerns, and lives an ideal lifestyle where do you begin to make changes when an unexpected illness occurs?  I treated this case early in my years of practice and needed to combine what I learn in both acupuncture training and conventional medicine to truly treat the patient.  Simple cases often led to big discoveries about medicine, our patients, and the world around us.


    Hyung Sik Beyon KMD, MSOM. L.Ac, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM): Brief introduction of “DONG-UI-BO-GAM (Mirror of Eastern Medicine)” and clinical application

    Hyung Sik Beyon received his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Korean medicine from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea.  He is a licensed internist in Korean medicine and licensed acupuncturist in Virginia.  He was an intern and completed a residency at Kyung Hee Medical specializing in neurology and cardiology from 2007 to 2011. He served as a public health physician at the Goseong Health Center from 2011 to 2014. 

    Hyung Sik Beyon is currently working full-time at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine in Fairfax, Virginia as the Chair of Oriental Medicine Department and Director of Clinical Operations.  He is also a full member of the Korean Association of Korean Medicine, the Korean Association of Korean Internal Medicine, and the Korean Association of Stroke in Korean Medicine.

    The year 2013 was special for the history of traditional Korean medicine. It was the 400th anniversary of DongUiBoGam, which was authored by Doctor Heo Jun and is widely acclaimed the best medical book in East Asia. A number of medical scholars had generated a variety of medical knowledge and clinical experiences by the late 16th century in Asian region. However, those had not been well organized and integrated to each other until systematically integrated in the single and consistent medical book, DongUiBoGam by Heo Jun.

    After its publication, DongUiBoGam has played the role of a rudder in medical development throughout Asia. It provided theoretical cornerstones for a medicine customized to the Korean

    environment and people as well. Hence, it is our responsibility to remember the masterpiece's value and meaning, and to share them with people over the world in order to contribute to the advancement of human health.  DongUiBoGam covers a broad range of knowledge and contains copious medical formulas and skills; and most parts of the book are somewhat not easy for non-professionals of traditional medicine to understand.

    Hence, this introduction not only benefits professionals in traditional medicine, but also helps readers in English-speaking countries who are interested in traditional East Asian medicine. Moreover, it will give them an opportunity to obtain background knowledge for understanding the original DongUiBoGam.  I sincerely hope that people around the world can learn about the value of East Asian traditional medicine, and acquire knowledge that will help future medical practitioners to handle numerous potential challenges.

    Register today, seats are limited!

    Questions: Email or call Stephanie at 603-781-2288 to register today.

    Future Opportunites: Interested in becoming at presenter and sharing an educational case? Contact event coordinator Stephanie Pina at for more information and guidelines.  We would like to hold these events in other areas of the state, and  are especially interested in people willing to present in either Richmond or Charlottesville, VA.   Thank you and hope to see you at the event!

    • 18 Apr 2015
    • 19 Apr 2015
    • Fairview Park Marriott, Falls Church, VA

    Save the Date!

    Acupuncture Society of Virginia Presents

    2015 ASVA Annual Seminar and Meeting

    Featuring Lee Lee Hullender Rubin, DAOM, LAc, FABORM

    Dates: Saturday April 18, 2015 - Sunday April 19, 2015

    ASVA Annual Meeting: Lunch Sunday April 19

    Speaker Bio: Lee Hullender Rubin, DAOM, LAc, FABORM, is a clinician and researcher specializing in reproductive medicine. women's health, and pain. With more than 12 years experience, she spent more than five years managing an acupuncture program at a private fertility clinic. Her research investigated the effects of different standardized acupuncture protocols and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis-based treatment on in vitro fertilization birth outcomes. She was recently awarded a grant from the National Vulvodynia Association to investigate the feasibility of acupuncture treatment for Provoked Vestibulodynia. She teaches the doctoral infertility module and is Adjunct Research Faculty at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and she is Visiting Research Faculty at the Oregon Health and Science University. She currently practices at her clinic, the Portland Acupuncture Studio (

    More Information Coming Soon!

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