ASVA Event Posting Policy: We will post any events put on by partner organizations and active ASVA members. We will also post any free local events that would benefit our membership.  Non-partnering organizations offering a NCCAOM approved PDA event will need to offer ASVA members at least a 10% discount on the course if they would like us to list it on our webpage.  To post an event contact Sarah.  

Upcoming events

    • 03 May 2015
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Country Club of Fairfax, 5110 Ox Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

    Whole World Workshop: Inspirational Business Strategies for Holistic Health Practitioners

    *10% off for ASVA Members


    Start: 3 May 2015 10:00 AM

    End: 3 May 2015 4:00PM

    Location: Country Club of Fairfax, 5110 Ox Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030


    Register today at

    ASVA members use promotional code ASVA10 to receive 10% off the price of registration.

    Early registration for this event ends February 28, 2015.


    On May 3 of this year, 120 holistic health practitioners will gather at the Country Club of Fairfax to explore the art and science of practice-building with other successful chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and yoga teachers from the DC metropolitan area. This cross-disciplinary event is the first of its kind in Northern Virginia to offer inspirational business strategies to practitioners across the spectrum of integrative medicine.


    You've worked hard to build a holistic health practice, and you're not alone. Join us for an exclusive one-day retreat that will help you get recentered and recharged. Relax with complimentary seated massage and acupuncture. Enjoy a Mediterranean salad buffet lunch (included in your registration fee). Connect with other practitioners in our community. Learn about business strategies that you can put into practice right away.


    Our interactive program presentations include:

    ·       Go with Your Gut: Using Intuition to Manifest Results in Business and Life

    ·       The Art and Science of Practice-Building - A Panel Discussion

    ·       Project Planning: A Healthy Framework for Organic and Sustainable Growth

    ·       Information Technology: The Backbone of Every Small Business

    ·       6 Steps to Social Media Success


    For more information about our interactive program and dynamic speakers, check out 


    Registration Fees:

    Early Bird Registration $125 until February 28

    General Admission $150 until May 3


    A portion of each registration fee will be donated to Minds Incorporated, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making DC-area schools more conscious, connected and compassionate learning environments by teaching mindfulness-based practices to students, teachers, and parents.


    Cancellation policy: Registration fees are non-refundable, but you can transfer your registration to a colleague by emailing with your request.

    • 16 May 2015
    • 9:00 AM
    • 17 May 2015
    • 5:30 PM
    • The Venetian Social Club, Philidelphia, PA

    Nutrition: The Forgotten Pillar of Chinese Medicine

    Presented by Dr. Marlene Merritt and Dr. Will Mitchell

    *ASVA Members receive a discounted rate

    Saturday May 16, 2015 - Sunday May 17, 2015

    9am - 5:30pm

    Location: The Venetian Social Club, 8030 Germantown Ave, Philidelphia, PA 19118

    Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners understood that nutritional was vital to the patient's health, but modern practitioners are assailed with conflicting information they don't know how to apply. Current nutritional recommendations actually contribute to subclinical malnourishment, making treatments less effective than they could be. Traditional diets were wildly different than how we eat now, as evidenced by our rate of degenerative disease. With the intention of treating the root, and not the branch and symptoms, students will leave with a clear understanding about what's accurate and inaccurate in current food recommendations, diets, and fads, and the ability to better asses patients' nutrition, and where it may be hampering.

    14 PDAs (Pending)

    This is a TWO DAY CLASS. You must attend both days to get a PDA certificate.

    For more information and to register visit:

    • 12 Jun 2015
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Alexandria, VA

    The Way of Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng Tao)
    Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Wu Ji Kung & Nei Jia (Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing I)

    Stand still as a mountain, flow like crystal clear water
    with Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc
     June 12       Alexandria, VA   
    Chinese Health Exercises for Balance, Inner Peace & Harmony
    Taoist Style Internal Energy Self-Cultivation Practices
    Special emphasis on Chi Kung essentials for healing arts practitioners
    *New forms are taught in each class along with review of previous classes
    *All levels are welcome
    *Bring your family, friends and patients!

    Date: Friday night  June 12, 2015        
    Time: 7-9:30pm  (2.5 hours eligible NCCAOM PDAs)
    Location: 6350 Hillcrest Place, Alexandria, VA  22312 
    (Near Arlington, VA  15 mins from National Airport)
    Cost: Early registration & payment due dates:
    3 weeks in advance/received by May 21: $60, thereafter: $70
    *To register please call or email along with sending your check. No credit cards please.*
    Payment: please send check payable to Jeff Nagel, LAc   3838 First Ave # 5, San Diego, CA 92103
    Info & Registration: please contact the Golden Dragon Health Assoc.
    telefax: (619) 542-1903       email:

    • 13 Jun 2015
    • 14 Jun 2015
    • Alexandria, VA

    With Classical Chinese Medicine Taoist Style Life Sciences & Healing Arts Traditions
    Master Tung’s Bio-Holographic Methods & 12 Channel Extraordinary Points
    Acupuncture-Herbal Polarity-Nutrition-Chi Kung

    with Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc
    June 13-14         Alexandria, VA

    Learn simple, highly effective, time tested methods of Eastern Medicine with emphasis on techniques to heal and/or
    minimize common conditions of the middle jiao. Training includes special easy to learn methods of internal medicine skills. This knowledge is based on the wisdom traditions of Classical Chinese Medicine Taoist Style and the inner cultivation arts, “nei jia" (taught in 3 separate workshops, upper-middle-lower jiao). The teachings include an integrated combination of hands on practical applications, principles, theory, treatment strategies, your case studies, question-answer opportunities and practical, highly effective methods you can begin to use right away. The class includes insights from Taoist Medicine, Inner Cultivation and Life Sciences as they continue to unify the principles and  treatment methods combining the Tai Chi Chuan-Chi Kung healing connections to the Tai Chi-Ba Gua-I Ching Body.
    Workshop includes: (Eligible for 15 NCCAOM PDAs)

    * Chi Kung-Chinese Medicine in Motion for patients and practitioners, Taoist Medicine Cosmology
    * Hands on practice with partners of “Chi Kung Acupuncture” Heaven-Human-Earth Methods
    * Master Tung’s 12 Channel Extraordinary Points & The 8 Taiji-Bagua Bio-Holographic Methods
    * 5 Phase pulse & abdominal diagnosis-treatment methods
    * Special herbal-nutrition polarity medicine, supplements, Chinese patent medicines, home remedies
    * Enhance your clinical skills for treating common middle jiao conditions including: digestive
      disorders, food allergies, chronic indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, weight loss/weight gain
      and special Taoist dietary programs for general health & immune system enhancement   
    Teacher: Jeff Nagel, MA, L.Ac, Dipl Ac, lives and practices in San Diego, CA and is trained in the 8 Branches
     of Chinese Taoist Healing Arts-medicine-internal martial arts & life sciences...He is a long time advanced practitioner, well seasoned generous teacher-researcher of acupuncture-Oriental Medicine and a chi kung cultivator. Jeff has studied extensively with several well-known masters and doctors including Taoist Grand Master Share K. Lew, the 23rd generation of the Yellow Dragon Monastery, China.
    Dates: Sat & Sun  June 13-14, 2015
    Workshop times: 9am-6pm (15 CEU hours)  Please be on time
    Location: 6350 Hillcrest Place, Alexandria, VA  22312
    (Near Arlington,VA -15 mins from National Airport Washington, DC)
    Cost: LAc, AP Early registration & payment due dates:
    3 weeks in advance/received by May 21: $300, 2 weeks in advance/by May 28: $325, thereafter:$350
    *If you have attended a previous workshop, bring a new student and receive a $50 discount
    *F-T Acupuncture students: $50 discount off the above rates
    *To register please call or email along with sending your check* No credit cards please
    *$100 fee for cancellations made less than 10 days prior to workshop date
    Payment: please send check payable to Jeff Nagel, LAc.  3838 First Ave. # 5, San Diego, CA.  92103

    Info & registration: please contact the Golden Dragon Health Assoc.
    Telefax: (619) 542-1903    Email:


    • 13 Jun 2015
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Columbia, MD



    10% discount to ASVA Members

    This new series of classes is designed to provide insight and skills to treat the common and complex issues of women’s health. Contemplating the unique aspects of female anatomy and physiology gives rise to one of the most significant specialties in Chinese Medicine, Fu Ke/Gynecology. Given that the vast majority of patients that seek out Chinese Medicine in America are women, all practitioners should develop a thorough grasp of gynecology.

    The classes cover the fundamental principles and essential applications of gynecology in contemporary practice. Each weekend also includes an optional clinical-practicum day to assist the transition from theory to practice. The clinical practicum days will give a thorough grounding in pulse diagnosis focused on gynecology.

    Each weekend may be taken individually and is open to experienced practitioners and students. Taken as a whole series, the classes will leave the practitioner with a deep understanding of the particular concerns of women's health and gain competency as a specialist in gynecological issues.

    UPCOMING CLASSES: Weekend 1: June 13-14 & 15 Practicum

    Fundamentals of Fu Ke/Gynecology

    Weekend 2: Sept 12-13 & 14 Practicum

    Infertility in Chinese Medicine

    Weekend 3: November 7-8 & 9 Practicum Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

    For more information:

    You can also download the brochure for more information 

    WEEKEND 1 Fundamentals of Fu Ke/Gynecology

    WHEN: June 13 – 14 & 15, 2015 9am-5pm WHERE: Columbia, MD (TBA)
    13 CEU (Pending)

    SAT & SUN (June 13th & 14th) TOPICS INLCUDE:

    Unique perspective of Fu Ke/Gynecology as a specialty Model

    Distinguishing features of female anatomy and physiology

    The concepts of Bao/Uterus and the Bao Mai/Uterus Channel

    The complex relationships between the Uterus, Heart and Brain

    The Su Wen’s description of the female life cycle from menarche to menopause

    Gynecological application of the 8 Extraordinary Channels & the Curious Organs

    Phases of the Menstrual Cycle: Keys to diagnosis and treatment

    Pathophysiology of the menses and resolution: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea,

    PMS, regulation of cycles -early, late and irregular

    Beng Luo/Flooding and Trickling

    Dai Xia/Vaginal Discharge

    Zheng Jia/Concretions & Conglomerations:


    • • • • • • • •

    • • •

    • • •

    Tuition for Individual Workshops:

    Tuition for All 3 Workshops in the Series:

    Strategies for the resolution of cysts


    Optional 3rd Day Practicum (Monday June 15th, 9am-5pm)

    Pulses as they relate to Gynecology

    Static Pulse Qualities

    Dynamic Pulses as they relate to the Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

    Patients treated from the models explored in the weekend class

    Practitioners: $375 for 2 Day Classes

    Add $175 for Monday Practicum (limited to 20 participants)

    Students: $300 for 2 Day Classes

    Add $175 for Monday Practicum (limited to 20 participants)

    Practitioners: $1050 for All 2 Day Classes ($75 Discount) Add $525 for All Three Monday Practica

    Students: $900 for All Three 2 Day Classes
    Add $525 for All Three Monday Practica

    Registration for the whole series guarantees the option of enrollment in the Monday practicum and a discounted price.

    • 15 Aug 2015
    • TBD, Richmond, VA
    Save the Date!

    The Acupuncture Society of Virginia presents

    ASVA Grand Rounds Case Studies and Theory Class

    NCCAOM 4 PDAs Pending

    Date: Saturday August 15, 2015

    Location: TBD, Richmond, VA

    Time: TBD

    Description: The Grand Rounds class is an opportunity for practitioners to share patient cases and theories that examine the types of treatments and conditions attendees may see or use in their clinic.  Different than online training or reading cases, this live class is a chance to delve deeper into the real cases and ask questions directly to the treating practitioner about treatment style, patient follow-up, and the true incorporation of different styles of medicine.

    Presenters and Topics: 

    Current speakers: Richard Bell L.Ac. and Robert Hoffman L.Ac.

    Interested in becoming at presenter and sharing an educational case? We are still looking for a couple acupuncturists who can share their experiences with others.  Contact event coordinator Stephanie Pina at for more information and guidelines. 

    • 16 Aug 2015
    • Richmond, VA

    Understanding Insurance and the ICD10 Transition

    With Mori West of Acuclaims

    7 PDA NCCAOM Pending

    Date: Sunday August 16th, 2015 Time TBA

    Lunch - Join us for lunch at the hotel! The cost is $20. There will be 8 healthy choices including vegan and gluten free options. 


    ASVA Member/Allied State Organization Member (Participating state organizations: NC, DC, PA, CT, MD) - $120; w/ lunch $140

    Non-member - $135; w/lunch $155

    Location: Holiday Inn Richmond South - Bells Road
                    4303 Commerce Road, Richmond, Virginia

    $89 Hotel Group Rate available until July 16th.  Call the Holiday Inn Richmond Bells South at 804-592-2900 to make your reservation.  Ask for the "Acupuncture Society of Virginia Group Rate"

    Course Description:

    Insurance Billing Essentials

    Effective Oct 1, ALL providers will be required to use a new set of diagnosis codes.  These codes are MUCH more specific than the old ICD9.  For some codes you will be required to report whether this is the initial encounter for this condition as well as more specificity in general.  You’ll understand just how this works and you’ll get documentation of the typical diagnosis codes you see in your practices.

    In this course you will learn:

    • How to understand the ICD-10 Codes which take effect Oct 1, 2015
    • How to use the new CMS form to your advantage
    • Documentation Requirements – Give Insurance Carriers What they want
    • New VA requirements and what you need to do to treat Federal WC patients
    • Insurance Carrier updates – what’s the latest with the major carriers

    You’ll leave class understanding the whys and hows of the new codes along with “cheat sheets” of the new ICD10 codes that are considered medically necessary for acupuncturists.

    Along with the new codes is a new claim form.  You’ll learn what is absolutely necessary to include on the form, what is optional, and two letter descriptors to give the carriers more information.

    It’s all about your documentation!

    Make It a Weekend of Learning and Join Us at Grand Rounds on Saturday August 15th. 

    Time and location TBD.  4 NCCAOM PDA Pending.


    $20 Student,

    $25 ASVA Member or Allied State Member,

    $35 Non-ASVA or Allied State Organization Member

    Find out more information and register here

    Plus ASVA is giving back at this event to help support the Pan African Acupuncture Project!

    We will be collecting supplies and donations at the Richmond event to be sent to the Pan African Acupuncture Project, which offers acupuncture and holistic treatment services and training to areas in need.  We will be posting more information on this soon, but in the meantime please check out their website at

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