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Thank you to all those who attended the Town Hall Meeting this past Saturday, October 15th. We had productive discussions on the topics of dry needling and the state of our profession both locally and nationally. The meeting was attended by ASVA members, Virginia acupuncture students, and guest acupuncturists from across the nation. 

A special thanks to our guest speaker, Derreth Painter, who opened our eyes to the importances of addressing our patients with clarity, consistency, compassion, and confidence. Ms. Painter offers one-on-one consultations sessions to those who would like to improve your verbal and non-verbal skills. For her contact information, please contact ASVA at acusova@gmail.com

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Virginia Board of Physical Therapy - Board Meeting
November 15, 2016, 9:00 a.m. | Department of Health Professions, 9960 Maryland Drive, 2nd Floor, Board Room #1, Henrico, Virginia 23233

*Please consider attending these meetings to both represent ASVA and the acupuncture profession. These meeting usually last 1-2 hours. If you are interested in attending Richmond-based board meetings on behalf of ASVA, please contact us at acusova@gmail.com


  • ASVA was a sponsor at the recent Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine conference held this past weekend in Reston, VA. We had a booth at the conference where we interacted with acupuncturists from all over the nation as well as other allied healthcare professionals. 

  • ASVA'S Fall Seminar and Social was a big hit! Michael Taromina, Esq. delivered an inspiring seminar on the State of the AOM Profession. Thank you to everyone who came out to the seminar and social. 

  • ASVA welcomes South Baylo University, Kings Park University, and Virginia University of Oriental Medicine to our membership as Institutional members. We look forward to working closely with the Virginia acupuncture schools and their students.
  • ASVA is sponsoring the closed Facebook group Virginia Acupuncturists. It is a supportive discussion group for all acupuncturists practicing in the Commonwealth of Virginia -- including licensed acupuncturists, medical acupuncturists, and qualified chiropractic acupuncturists. Check it out!


ASVA is in need of volunteers. We are looking for members interested in:

  1. Fundraising

  2. Networking with physicians and other healthcare works

  3. Attending licensing and advisory board meetings in Richmond, VA

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please contact ASVA at: acusova@gmail.com 


Donations are not tax deductible at this time. All donations go toward ASVA's goals to support the practice of acupuncture in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Earn PDAs while supporting ASVA with Pro D Seminars!

By clicking the link below, you can earn PDAs and CEUs while also supporting ASVA. Pro D Seminars will donate 10% of your seminar fee to our organization. As usual, these fees will go toward helping ASVA attain our membership and legislative goals for 2016. 

NOTE: Please specifically use the link below as it contains our affiliate information that allows Pro D Seminars to track its donations.  

Earn Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine CEU/PDAs Online

Tweets from the Board

"I am working diligently to update our website so that it is mobile friendly thereby making the site more accessible via Google. I'm also working to finish the new referral directory which should be on the website soon!"

-Aubry Fisher, Recording Secretary

"I have been hard at work negotiating with the Marriott Fair Oaks hotel to secure dates, space, and accommodations for the ASVA annual seminar and membership meeting. Stay tuned for updates!"

-Stephanie Pina, President 

"My fellow board member, Rebecca Reynolds, and I have been meeting with the Virginia acupuncture schools to encourage student participation in ASVA." 

-Jennifer Yeh, Vice President

www.acusova.com  |  acusova@gmail.com 

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